Seekers' Teams
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...Who we are
Everyone is called to evangelise, because everyone has the gift of life. Evangelisation is all about sharing the good things we have received. Catholics have received the most precious of all gifts: the fullness of faith in Jesus Christ and membership of His Church.

Seekers' Teams are groups of Catholics who are responding to Christ's call to tell others about God's love. Through formation, fellowship and by creating tailor-made events for non-Catholics and the lapsed (people we call 'seekers'), we learn effective ways to reach out in faith - and at the same time, we grow as disciples ourselves. The only condition for membership is a desire to spread the Good News!

Men and women, converts and cradle Catholics, lay-people and ordained, we have come together in God's Spirit to fulfil our part in the mission of the Church. The Lord has already found us, but until we see Him face to face, we too are 'seekers'. Our evangelistic events make the Church's message accessible to people and offer a way forward to the sacraments.

Teams usually number between seven and twelve members and meet regularly as part of a programme of biblical discipleship. PowerPoint slideshows enable every Seekers' Team to receive evangelistic formation and grow as a model of the Church. Some Teams come together from within a parish, some have members from different parishes, and others spring up within chaplaincies or Catholic associations. ...We simply bloom where we are planted!
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