Seekers' Teams
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...The Seekers' Teams story
The first Seekers' Team began in a country parish called Pantasaph in North Wales. It was a group of Catholics who shared a concern to bring everyone into the sheepfold of the Church. They did not know much about evangelisation when they first decided to do something - at that stage, the Team didn't even have a name.

They invited lapsed and non-Catholic friends & acquaintances to a specially designed event on the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - a day for 'seekers'. On that day, God poured out extraordinary graces. People returned to the practise of their faith and the Lord confirmed His message by signs and wonders. From that event, the group's name for the people they invited became their own, and the first Seekers' Team was born.

Encouraged to try again, they committed themselves to run two residential events for seekers and two half-day events at various points of the year. It was a year full of blessing. More people came to faith and were received into the Church. The experiment was repeated the year after and it soon became clear from the joy of the members and the mission's success that Seekers' Teams had to spread. New Teams began and over the following eight years they wrote down their experience in order to share with others the joy of communicating the Gospel. It is impossible to know how many people have become believers as a result of Seekers' Teams ministry, though we know of many. But however many it is, there is more to be done. The fields are still white for the harvest...
Beginnings and unfolding...