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"You have left the best wine till last..."
One of the first things you hear some Catholics say when asked if they will go out to evangelise is: "I'm not trained!" The truth is, we have more training within us than we realise. But it is also true that not many of us have been trained formally.

For years we have heard Jesus' command in the Gospels to 'go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News'... but nobody has ever told us how to do it! Now, the Evangelising Together resources offer that training. We call it 'formation'. By sharing methods learnt over ten years of mission experience, the resources finally provide a way for Catholics to fulfil their baptismal calling. It is quite simply the best thing you can ever do!

When Jesus changed water into wine at the wedding feast of Cana, the steward said to the bridegroom: "Most people serve the best wine first and then serve the ordinary wine when people have had enough. But you have left the best wine till last." Learning how to evangelise together is the most exciting part of our Catholic faith. Not only can any of us do it, but evangelising together increases the number of those working with us as more and more people become members of the Church. This is a programme of biblical discipleship which engages you with the Spirit you received when you were confirmed.

Evangelising Together Conference
is held annually on the last weekend in July and offers further training in evangelisation for Catholics.