Seekers' Teams
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A hope in Jesus' resurrection and parish renewal...
...What are we bringing people into?
What is a parish? It is a geographical area full of believers and non-believers of every kind. When Catholics evangelise together, they learn that their little influence can have mighty effects in the lives of those who come to believe.

We are called to lead seekers into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That means acknowledging His presence and accepting His gracious love and forgiveness. In this relationship, we confess our need of Him and, through baptism, become members of His body. The Church is the community of those who are walking this road of faith - a road which leads straight to heaven.

Our local church communities are never perfect and we never expect them to be! Seekers' Teams put on tailor-made events for people outside the Church as a stepping-stone to help them understand what they will find as they come in. But Teams also act as a source of renewal for church-going Catholics who may never have intentionally given their lives to Christ. So far, we have not met a Seekers' Team that is perfect! But by sharing our mission and methods with other parishioners, the Lord is using us to bless His people.

Pope Francis' vision for every parish is that it should become a 'missionary centre'. Seekers' Teams' formation combines various ways of promoting seeker-sensitive parishes and will help you to inspire other people in your parish to evangelise.