Seekers' Teams
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...Starting a Team
Humble beginnings...
Nothing comes into this world in big packages. Everything grows from small beginnings. Spreading the Word of God is no different - starting a Seekers' Team begins simply with purchasing the resources and reading the Manual.

Once you have understood how the Teams work and what they are all about, you can approach other people. The Manual offers guidance and support in this process so that you can gather a suitable group. Then, there is step-by-step guidance on how to go forward. The Evangelising Together resources foster your creative freedom. You can adapt them to the needs of your own situation, so every Team is unique.

Whether your parish priest is able to be part of your Team or not, you can make a start. All the formation is provided on the CD-Rom, which means that anyone can lead a Team - whether ordained or lay. This officially approved formation (bearing the 'imprimi potest') enables you to develop your mission year after year.

Anyone can start a Team. All you need is a desire to evangelise and a heart open to the Holy Spirit! Even if you decide not to lead a Team yourself, the process in the Manual will help you find the person and people God has already prepared to answer His call.