Seekers' Teams
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A free PowerPoint Introduction to Seekers' Teams...
Elizabeth Wang, Code: T-01714-OL, Copyright © Radiant Light 2003 - 2012
This free download is a complete slideshow formation session which sets the style used in all the PowerPoint sessions in the Evangelising Together resources. Easy to use and beautifully illustrated, the Introduction to Seekers' Teams takes you through the teaching, purpose and history of the Teams.

It is designed for use in a group setting, though it is also material for personal meditation. Share it with friends or other parishioners by simply saving it to your computer, then running the slideshow. You can control the change of the slides and their bullet-points by pressing the up or down arrows on your keyboard. We hope you enjoy it!

The Introduction to Seekers' Teams Slideshow is copyright (c) 2014 by Pantasaph Seekers' Team.