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The Manual takes you step-by-step through the stages of starting and maintaining an evangelisation team in your parish. Easy to read (only seventy pages long) it also contains separate resource sheets: spiritual exercises, guidance and practical worksheets to photocopy for your group.
1. Welcome & Introduction. 2. Evangelising Together. 3. Starting a Team. 4. Growing in Discipleship. 5. Your Mission. 6. Get up and Go! 7. Further Resources.
Evangelising Together CD-Rom...
The CD-Rom and Leader's Guide are a simple way to provide your Team with encouragement and good quality teaching when you meet.

Contents of the Formation Sessions:
1. Called & Chosen. 2. What are People Looking For? 3. Giving Testimony. 4. An Evangelistic Heart. 5. Reaching Out. 6. Praying Together
7. Accompanying Seekers. 8. Shepherding. 9. Orthodoxy & Purpose. 10. Prayers for Healing. 11. What is the New Evangelisation? 12. A Church Tour.
13. A Window on Christ. 14. God's Message in Everything. 15. Using Your Gifts. 16. What are we Bringing People Into? 17. Faith & Culture.
18. Presenting the Gospel. 19. Meeting People Wounded by Members of the Church. 20. Evangelising Together.