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The last shall be first...
Seekers' Teams are groups of Catholics who are learning that to become disciples themselves, they need to go out and make disciples of others. We are all called to be 'disciples who make disciples' (Matthew 28:19.)

Jesus is the one who supplies everything we need to do His mission. Not only has He given us His body and blood, but He has blessed Teams by providing them with material help too: printers, office space, money to cover advertising costs, and even food when our last pennies had gone on evangelisation. To strengthen our dependence on Him, He usually sends His help right at the last minute! He is good.

If you would like to help Seekers' Teams financially and there is a Team in your parish or local area, we would encourage you to give your money directly to them. But if there is not a Team near you and you would like to offer something through this website, please do so by clicking the button below.