If someone you know is in hospital, or is having a baby, celebrating a birthday, or invites you round for a meal, it is natural to share the moment with them by giving a present. Giving and receiving gifts is an act of love.

What you choose to give others speaks volumes about how you see them. Sometimes a gift shows that you are thinking about a friend's situation - so you get something they need. With another kind of gift, you say: "Here is something I have enjoyed myself. I hope you like it too!" ...That is the kind of present that shares a part of your inner life.

Gospel Gifts are a way to share the inner path to faith: they are hand-made presents which communicate the beauty of the Catholic message in a way that does not expect the other person to recognise it all at once. They are not for sale on this website (the examples here are to inspire you.) They are produced by small groups of Catholics anywhere in the world who enjoy making things, together or alone -

If a friend of yours is not yet a Catholic, and if you think that giving a rosary or a crucifix might be too much for them, pray for some inspiration and either make a Gospel Gift or choose one from your local group to share the good news of what God has done for you.
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