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...Starting a Gospel Gifts group
Make things in faith...
There are any number of ways in which a Gospel Gifts group can start. Many parishes already support creativity meetings - church embroiderers, painters or arts and crafts people - and in parishes where there are no immediate signs of such life, there are almost always creative skills flourishing in parishioners' homes. Gospel Gifts groups provide a ready-made way of getting together to make things - and existing groups can easily use the Gospel Gifts format.

You can make anything you like! Whether you have been doing handicrafts all on your own, or you already meet up with friends to be creative together, becoming a Gospel Gifts group is easy. The only rule is that every gift you make has to communicate the Good News ...and that is good news! Apart from that, the only limit is your imagination.

Click on the icon below for a free PDF version of "Running your own Gospel Gifts group". Then e-mail us at with your details and we will be glad to support your initiative in prayer.