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From the rising of the sun to its setting...
...Great is the name of the Lord! If everyone resident in your area were really aware of the glory of God (while all around them were not), what do you think the local culture would be like? How do you think it would be different from the way it is now? ...Your dreams drive the new evangelisation.

"From great things to small - everything would change. There would be a Catholic motorway service-station served by a young, evangelistic lay-community. Bill boards and other advertisements would bear words from the Scriptures and the Saints. Prices would fall as people put others' salvation before making a profit. Community confidence would rise as people focussed on sharing resources. Houses would be named after the heroes of Church history. ...And, of course, Church would be a place where the hurting and lost could find healing and faith."

When you begin to dream about how God is working in your part of the world, some dreams will remain fantasy but others might just catch on! We would love to hear your ideas, so do get in touch. Here are a few that are already going & might make you smile...

1/ THE PRAYER PATCH - a divine aid to giving up smoking. 2/ THE HALLOWEEN BAG - an easy way to evangelise trick-or-treaters. 3/ WAYSIDE SIGNS - inspiring roadside signs to plant along the verge. 4/ SCRIPTURE JARS - sweetie jars filled with Scripture quotes to offer free to people around town.